S1 e2







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August 14, 2007

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Wake-Up Call

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The Macro Problem


Screenshot 62

"Our keyboard chemistry is undeniable." -Zaboo

After Zaboo invited himself in, him and Codex are having a conversation. Zaboo explains how simple it was to track her down and basically all her personal information through the computer. After asking him why he is at her house, he explains that the he wanted to further their relationship. Codex, shocked at the thought of a relationship with Zaboo, questions his reasoning. He discussed their chat that they discussed in in The Game and how she continued to make ";)"'s at him and she defended herself by saying that she meant to type an innocent ":)" but her pinky slipped on the "Shift" key and that online flirtation was meant to stay in the game.

Thinking that Codex is accepting of him living with her, he heads into a room and unpacks. Meanwhile, she logs back onto her computer and announces to her guildies she has found Zaboo.

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