Total Wipe
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January 24, 2008

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I can stick my wizard stick into your mana pool.



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After returning home from Cheesy Beards, Zaboo tries to get it on with Codex but she pushes him away and then suggests that he should go get a hotel room because it wasn't working. He still doesn't understand that she doesn't like him. After telling him strait out that she does not like him and does not want to live with him, he finally agrees to pack his stuff and leave.

Once logging back onto the game. Clara explains that her nanny quit a week ago and she just noticed. Explaining that she needs someone to watch the kids for the night. Vork, needing the money, volunteers. Just to get back at him for giving the guild bank to Bladezz, Tink convinces Clara to let her take care of the children. The doorbell rings and Codex goes to answer it.

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Zaboo's mom ready to punch Codex.

An Indian woman, Zaboo's mom, stands at the door asking where her son is. Zaboo appears behind Codex, revealing that he never actually left, and says that him and Codex are in love. Zaboo's mom knocks out Codex with a punch and it cuts to black.