Rather Be Raiding
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December 1, 2007

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Total Wipe

He said a-hole.



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Each slice costs 24.5 cents.

Sitting around a table at Cheesy Beards, they start off by telling each other a little more about themselves. Everyone in the guild thinks that Zaboo and Codex are "together" , including Zaboo, who is explaining their in-game wedding to Clara. Codex sends Zaboo on a "quest" to get her sweater so she can have time to explain to the rest of the guild her situation. The guild is still not convinced by the time Zaboo comes back with the sweater.
Screenshot 69

Dina ruins Bladezz's exit.

Once they start discussing Bladezz's position in the guild, he arrives at the table. They try to defend themselves and say that they weren't talking about him or kicking him out. He tells them that they better not kick him out because last week, Vork transferred the entire guild bank which includes all the guild gold and guild equipment to Bladezz's other character. Dina, Bladezz's sister, comes in and tells him to get in the car cause his time was up.

Vork explains himself by saying that he was trying to strengthen the guild by giving the bank to the weakest link.